If We'd Just Meet Al

by Stevie D & Sarah G

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A song about how everything in our lives would be better if we'd just meet "Weird" Al Yankovic!


Stevie D & Sarah G up in this piece
Prime Instrumentation

Hey yo Sarah G, (Yo Stevie D, what's happenin'?)
I'm rappin...but anyways, time for some action
We should be big, but we're smaller than an elf
Stuck in a chair and can't move like F.D. Roosevelt
But if we had some help from some kinda big celebrity
I'll tell ya SG, everybody be smellin' me
And you. (That's good?) I got a plan, I hope it works
We need to hook up with that dude who be rockin' hawaiian shirts
Al, Al (Tom Selleck?) No, yo did you hear what I said? I said
Al, Al (Weird Al Yankovic?) That dude is crazy sick
He's kind of our hero, he could turn us from zeros
Into stars, gettin' love and hugs wherever we go
If I could just pinch his butt, (Why you gotta grab his butt though?)
Rutro, I don't know, he's got a nice butt yo

Stevie, this is Sarah, Sarah G, your long lost pal
We could get on TV, maybe we'd get famous if we'd just meet Al

Daring to be stupid with Al, This is the life
Mandatory fun time in an amish paradise
So nice, Al said you can have whatever you like
So I’m eatin’ my bologna in a closet with Vanna White
Livin’ in the fridge, eatin spam and tacos grande
White and nerdy for life and we so handy
Out of Dire Straits, into the Hills of Beverly
Tacky, Trigger Happy even if we lose on Jeopardy
Paid like a surgeon, when we perform this way
Unless Gaga or Coolio got something to say
Hooked on Polkas for life and superwise like Yoda
Fat like the biggest ball of twine in Minnesota
Ask Bob or Ricky, CNR or even Gump
Grab the iron lung and hear it straight from Mr. Frump
It gets crazy in Jurassic Park runnin’ from dinosaurs
And yo you can eat it if you don’t love me anymore

Stevie, this is Sarah, Sarah G, your long lost pal
We could get on TV, maybe we'd get famous if we'd just meet Al
If We'd Just Meet Al

So yo Sarah G! What's your favorite Weird Al song?
(I kinda like that song that makes fun of that famous song...)
I'm gonna dropkick your accordion
(You can't dropkick my accordion.)
Yea I know. I wouldn't do it if I could.
(So what are you gonna say to Weird Al if we ever get to meet him?)
I don't know. I'll probably just ask him for a carrot or something.
(Why in the world would you ask him for a carrot?)
I don't know. He's always talking about food. I figurde he might have a carrot. I'd kinda just like a carrot right now. I don't know. Leave me alone yo.
(I do hope we get to meet him though. I'll bring him a Poodle hat.)
Ahaha, that's what happened to your poodle?


released June 6, 2015
Performed by Stevie D & Sarah G
Written by Stevie D
Accordion by Sarah G
Produced by Adam Baber
Artwork by Keith Brydie (artmakerlover.tumblr.com)



all rights reserved


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